After Mass Shooting in Florida, Indiana Lawmakers Call for Study of School Security

From “After Mass Shooting in Florida, Indiana Lawmakers Call for Study of School Security”
USA Today (02/27/18) Herron, Arika. Reprinted from ASIS.

Lawmakers across the country have been looking for ways to improve school security since the deadly shooting at a high school in Parkland, Fla. Some Indiana lawmakers are calling for a review and report on the status of school safety across the state. The Indiana House education committee recently added language to a bill that would require the Secured School Safety Board to review current school safety issues, report back to the legislative council, and make recommendations for improvements. Some states have suggested arming teachers as a possible security solution. Indiana is one of several states that already allows school boards to decide whether or not to permit individuals, including teachers, to carry guns on school property. Most districts do not, but at least one district already has a provision to allow administrators to carry guns and another district is reconsidering the idea of arming teachers after the Florida shooting. Some lawmakers have suggested other means for protecting students. One lawmaker proposed mandatory active shooter response training last week and another pitched a plan for $100 million school security grants. However, neither proposal made it into a bill.

Author: Gregory Schmidt, CPP, PSP, CHSS

Gregory M. Schmidt, CPP, PSP, CHSS of Eagle/ Trident Security is board certified in Security Management, Physical Security, and Healthcare Security supervision. He has over thirty years of experience developing dynamic security programs, plans and policies for businesses in Indiana, Kansas and Florida. His conversation-style personal safety seminars are highly regarded and always in demand. Mr. Schmidt is a member of ASIS International, the International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety and the American Society for Healthcare Engineering.

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